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Thinking of Applying to BYU-Idaho?: Read This First

I decided to take a moment away from writing about economics and politics to help people who want a quality education for very little money know how to do so. This is also to help others prepare to come to school at BYU-Idaho.
Just to be clear, this article is not to scare anybody off from coming to BYU-Idaho. It’s meant to be a preparation guide so that you know what you’re wanting to do and so that you can be prepared for anything here. Anybody that knows about the BYU schools knows that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) owns and operates the schools. There’s a section in this article specifically for those who aren’t Mormon, as well as parts of other sections, so they can feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of a church school.
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Majoring in Business?: This Might Save Your Career

Some people go to college and don’t know what to major in. There are also those who decide to major in business. Maybe you’re one of these people who decided to major in business with an emphasis in marketing, but were told by friends and family that you shouldn’t be so specific because you’re limiting yourself. Maybe you want to get an MBA and think that a business degree would be best to get your foot in the door. I’m going to say right now that you would be sorely mistaken to think so.
This article is not to bash or look down upon business majors. Rather, my goal is to help save your career. You might not understand this yet, but economics would actually be a very good degree for someone who wants options.
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Are You Getting a Good Deal?: How to Find the Best Prices

Often times, we will need to make a purchase and will want to pay as little money as possible. Our families sometimes teach us different skills when it comes to looking for good deals. One known tactic by grocery stores is to put the more expensive items on the shelf that is either most convenient or eye-level. Even though we learn many ways to find ourselves a really good deal, we need to ask ourselves deep down inside: Is this really a good deal? Below are some things that we tend to overlook and wind up either overpaying for or are discontent with what we bought. Whether it’s an oil change or a car, this is a good read.
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Should I Work or Save My GPA?: What Students Sacrifice

The cost of college has become so high that most students have to either work a lot before they go to school, have their parents pay for everything, or work while they attend school. In some cases, we have students who are forced to attend school part-time; making themselves ineligible to receive financial aid.
Only taking 12 credits per semester at BYU-Idaho¬†would force students to stay for 10 semesters. If they only stayed for two semesters each year and didn’t take any classes in the third semester, they would take five years to earn their bachelors degree. Let’s say that our example student from earlier¬†had to work and could only afford to take 6 credits per semester. They would be stuck at BYU-Idaho for 10 years. Fun fact about BYU-Idaho: You can’t stay for that long under normal circumstances. Under normal circumstances, you would either be told to take more credits or leave. So what should we do?
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