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Quarters or Semesters?

When it comes to college students at colleges and universities with different time systems, there comes a debate between whether quarter or semester systems are better. If you look close enough at the debate, you will notice that it becomes more of a debate between which school is better. This makes it confusing for someone who is looking for an answer about time systems and does not answer their questions whatsoever. Well, I’d like to put an end to that. I have attended both types of colleges.
The criteria that will be used will examine the following: Term Length, Cost, and Academic Scheduling. I will first give an overview of the criteria and specify the differences between quarters and semesters in relation to the criteria. Next, I will give a short (this will be difficult for me) benefit and issue analysis of quarters and semesters. Lastly, I will give my pick as to whether quarters or semesters won and my reasoning.
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Why An Oregon With a $15 Minimum Wage Isn't a Good Idea

It would seem that some people don’t really care about economics or anything when it matters most; of course, “it” meaning the minimum wage. In fact, people seem to really care about economics only when it agrees with them. Hence, we have liberal economists who twist the principles of economics without telling those who agree with them the flip side, the truth. This is why people who understand economics are frustrated with those who don’t and push for a minimum wage increase. Maybe it should be increased, but not up to $15.
People might say that Oregon isn’t thinking about a $15 minimum wage. I tell anybody who thinks this that they obviously don’t know about 15 Now PDX, or they don’t read this article by The Oregonian or that article by The Oregonian. Perhaps they’re very oblivious and don’t even know that Koin 6 News has an article about it. Obviously, there is an organization and three articles about it. Oregon has many people with plans to try to raise the minimum wage to $15. As a matter of fact, there’s a large possibility that a measure on the 2016 ballot for Oregonians to vote on it may show up.
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Think Like an Economist: What it Means and How You Can Do It

These ‘keep calm and carry on’ style pictures have become very popular over the past few years. I came across this one when I was looking for pictures of economics (imagine what that’s like…). I was intrigued and even inspired to use this as a profile picture for my blog’s Facebook page (which you should totally like). I felt like it gave meaning to my writing. It’s nice to think that it helps others understand that my blog posts aren’t just for reading, they’re also for pondering about.
Either way, I after some time, I felt like it was about time that I wrote about what it means to “think like an economist.” After all, I am so thoroughly convinced that if everybody tried thinking as economists think that everybody would be much happier than they were before. Of course, we must first understand what it means to think as an economist.
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Do You Really Save Money When Gas Prices Drop?

I’ve noticed that a lot of gas prices have been fluctuating left and right. Usually, the reason for this is because of the price of crude oil. What I find very frustrating is the attitude people have towards gas prices. Maybe after reading this post, you will too. We live in a nation where everybody wants the cheapest gas price, but at what real cost? Sometimes, we get a little too distracted by the fact that the prices are so low we don’t notice the difference in quality.
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