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Mac or PC: What's Better for Economics Students?

Many students who decide to major in economics ask one question that seems to be impossible to find the answer to: Is a Mac or PC better for economics? Being an economics major who has learned from personal experience, and much research, I have decided to actually answer this question so that other economics majors can start their college career right. If you’re currently an economics major, know an economics major, or if you’re contemplating majoring in economics, you should take some interest in this.

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The Truth About Student Loan Debt

These days, we hear a lot about student loan debt and how it’s really weighing down on students. I’m not saying that this isn’t an issue that college students have to deal with, but it’s certainly not as horrible as many people think it is. Many students don’t receive much financial aid. Others may have private loans, but when we hear about student loan debt, it’s usually federal aid that’s being discussed.

Most of the time, when we talk about federal aid for college students, we hear more about how hard it is for these students than we hear about the actual amount of debt. What do you think the average amount of student debt is? $50,000? $60,000? You may be surprised to find out that any guess over $30,000 is way off.

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How to Save Money in College

Recently, I wrote an article about saving money. While the tips I gave in that article were mainly good for those who have just graduated from college, I decided that I should write about savings techniques for many of us. That is, those who are still in college. We scrimp. We save. No matter what we do, it always seems like we can’t save any money for anything we want or need. This may seem true, but I assure you that at least one of these tips will be helpful.

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