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Why You Shouldn't Trust Biased Economic State Infographics

I don’t mind it when people support President Obama if they believe in the things that he’s doing. However, I do have a problem with people quoting economic indicators to people who might not understand them. For example, why would they quote GDP growth when that doesn’t necessarily mean that the economy is doing good? Why show the unemployment rate, but not the rate of those not in the labor force and the labor force participation rate?

The answer is simple: Either the creator of biased infographics like this don’t understand much about economic indicators or they know enough to know better, but they think you don’t. It’s not fair for people like this to mislead the country into support like this. I’m going to show how to analyze data for yourself so that you don’t get misled.

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Home Updates: Where Energy Efficiency Pays Off

There will be a lot of people that don’t believe in energy efficient homes. They say that it doesn’t do you any good to spend a lot of money on things that make your home “green” because you don’t regain that money right away. Not only is this not true, but it’s absolutely true that it’s not as expensive as you might think. In fact, you might even add a little value to your home for some simple updates.

If I think it won’t be worth it, I won’t include it on this list. If I find more things to add, I will just write an update separate from this post.

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The Truth About Sweatshops

Whenever we hear about sweatshops overseas, we usually hear a lot of negative comments. Such comments turn out to be myths made of twisted truth. For example, some sweatshops pay workers $2 – $3 per day. This is true, but it’s not true that people in other countries cannot live on that. The purpose of this article is to show how to determine who is lying to you as well as who is trying to get you to almost blindly follow their agenda.

“Sweatshops do not alleviate poverty. The people who are forced to work must spend the majority of their paycheck on food for their families to survive.” – CBS News (Cited by

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Seattle Councilwoman Sawant's $15 Minimum Wage: Has It Helped?

SeaTac and Seattle have passed a law to pay a $15 minimum wage. This isn’t anything new. But the question still needs to be asked, “Has/Will this really help(ed)?” Just because Seattle hasn’t seen a major collapse yet, the supportive websites and news sources are writing plenty of articles that are raving about how conservatives and opposers were wrong. Since there are fewer conservative news sources, opposers with evidence are hushed and drowned out by the leftist journalists.

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