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Fact Checking Occupy Democrats: Reagan vs Carter

One of the seemingly older memes I’ve seen from Occupy Democrats compares Ronald Reagan to Jimmy Carter. It’s actually one of the more unfair memes that I’ve seen in a while. Hence, I thought it was perfect for a fact check. The points made were mixed; some were related and some were pretty foolishly unrelated. I’ve attempted to categorize them into four topics: Military service, invading foreign countries, arming foreign nations, job creation. Lastly, the meme asks the reader which one Republicans praise and which one they hate. Let’s see how valid this really is!

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Why Economics Isn’t a Popular Major

I’ve come to notice that at the University of Oregon (UO), economics isn’t the most popular major. At least, not the most popular primary major. Much of the time, I’ve noticed that accounting, general business, and finance majors are usually the ones double majoring in economics (economics being the secondary major). Of course, this makes me quite sad.

Why would this matter to me? Well, in a way, it really doesn’t. It matters to me not because I love economics and I think everybody should study it. It matters to me because I know how useful of a major it can be. However, it really doesn’t matter to me because it just means that I get more time with professors and that’s less competition later in life. But what’s more interesting than this is why economics isn’t popular.

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Don't Choose Any College by Rank!

Something that I think we tend to make a big mistake about is choosing a college by its prestige. Sure, going to a good school isn’t bad and people shouldn’t feel bad for choosing a college for being prestigious, at least as a factor in the decision. However, I’m going to say that choosing any college only for its prestige is ridiculous. Why? Because there’s more to college life and success than just how highly ranked the school is.

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