Monthly Archives: December 2016

People Should Stop Criticizing Oregon's Athletic Department for Being "Expensive"

The University of Oregon’s athletic department has come under scrutiny by students and Duck fans that are upset with how expensive tuition is. Amongst left-leaning people, it’s not uncommon to hear about how expensive athletic departments are. Especially when the university consistently raises its tuition annually. It may not be the most frequently blamed factor, but it is common to at least hear complaints about football coach salaries. All of this led to myself wanting to look into the athletic department’s financials. The verdict? People should stop complaining about the athletic department.

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The Recent Jobs Report is a Distraction: How to Accurately Judge Our Employment Situation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released a new jobs report on Friday, reporting an addition of 178,000 jobs and a nice, low 4.6 percent unemployment rate. FiveThirtyEight’s Ben Casselman, their chief economics writer, said that Trump and Clinton could both spin this jobs report, but he also wrote that “Millions of Americans abandoned the labor force during the recession and are now returning at a trickle, if that.” But isn’t it a good thing that the unemployment rate is low and jobs were added? Well, yes, but also no.

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Why Trump Couldn't Punish Carrier for Moving Manufacturing Elsewhere

Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post today and it was pretty ignorant, to say the least. It was about Trump’s deal made with Carrier, an air conditioning and refrigeration unit company and how it just showed other corporations “how to beat Donald Trump.” Sanders wasn’t known for his deep knowledge of economics on the campaign trail and he’s still showing that perhaps he still doesn’t understand something important.

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