Monthly Archives: April 2018

Republicans Are Competitive in a Liberal Oregon Town

When people think of Oregon, they often think about how liberal the state is. Of course, there are two “hot spots” for the far left: Portland and Eugene. But what many might not realize is that there are two state house seats in Eugene that are very competitive and just might have a shot at being taken by Republicans in 2018. One district has a rural advantage and the other one has an anomalous constituency with a decent mix of urban and rural residents. Here’s my take on the two districts and the Republican path to victory in each.

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Democrats Should Hold Their Party Accountable After Trump's DACA Tweet

On April 1, President Trump tweeted that he was taking the DACA deal off the table. This comes after offering a path to citizenship to 1.8 million DREAMers earlier this year. Why didn’t congressional Democrats jump on this opportunity? People are left to speculate for themselves, but Democratic voters who care about immigration reform should be raising some eyebrows at their own party for its inaction on the president’s offer.

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