Democrats Should Hold Their Party Accountable After Trump's DACA Tweet

On April 1, President Trump tweeted that he was taking the DACA deal off the table. This comes after offering a path to citizenship to 1.8 million DREAMers earlier this year. Why didn’t congressional Democrats jump on this opportunity? People are left to speculate for themselves, but Democratic voters who care about immigration reform should be raising some eyebrows at their own party for its inaction on the president’s offer.

Voters Should Demand Accountability

I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat in Congress right now. President Trump –– a man who had a hardline view on immigration reform –– spent two months offering to give a path to citizenship to nearly 2 million DREAMers and the Democrats didn’t jump on the opportunity. Trump even taunted them by pointing out what seems to be a hard pill to swallow: The party itself isn’t taking immigration reform seriously.

Voters should be asking a lot of questions since it’s an election year. For starters, why didn’t congressional Democrats so much as propose a bill to include more in a path to citizenship? Were they distracted by the school shootings or were they just resisting Trump? Either way, DREAMers are getting impatient with the Democratic Party.

Congressional Democrats are Willfully Naïve

There are 26 seats in the Senate that are up for election this year that are held by Democrats. For some reason, the party is confident that they’re going to gain control of the Senate. They just might, but I’m not so confident that it’s going to be a cakewalk. People are starting to notice the self-cannibalization within the Democratic Party. If Republicans were smart, they would use the fact that the Democrats tried to push legislation against the Second Amendment rather than attempt to push a path to citizenship when it was hand fed to them.

Having been politically active in Oregon, I’ve seen why such Democrats tend to stay in office –– the voters often hardline themselves against the other side without double checking their views to ensure they disagree before pulling the lever for that ‘D’ on the ballot. Many Democrats are noticing that their party has been using promises of gun control and immigration reform for votes, but nobody makes any serious progress on either issue. Some have even noticed that this was especially true during President Obama’s presidency.

Republicans Need to Learn from This, Too

While the Democrats should be shaking their heads in disbelief, congressional Republicans shouldn’t consider themselves victorious just yet. In fact, they should be ashamed for not taking the president up on his offer of a pathway to citizenship. Had they done so, they would have shown the country that a Democrat in the White House for 8 years didn’t have the balls to do something Trump would have done in under 2 years. Such a move would surely not have lost so many voters, especially considering that Reagan gave 3 million undocumented immigrants amnesty.

Not everything President Trump will want to do is insane. The path to citizenship offer was evidence of this. Another point Republicans would be wise to make during this year’s election is how congressional Democrats twisted Trump’s offer into sounding heartless.

They focused on the fact that there are 3.2 million DREAMers and Trump only offered half of them citizenship, but they deceive voters by omitting the fact that there are far more DREAMers than there are DACA recipients. In fact, you can see in the second embedded tweet in this article that Trump mentioned his offer extended DACA to hundreds of thousands of DREAMers that weren’t currently DACA recipients. Instead of taking Trump up on his offer, Republicans got just as scared as the Democrats did when faced with the prospect of appearing to cooperate with our president.