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A Keynesian Nightmare: Saving Money Helps Shorten Recessions

There’s a popular notion in Keynesian economic theory known as “The Paradox of Thrift (or Saving).” Since Keynesian economics focuses on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) — which is, frankly, a measurement of spending — saving money is paradoxical because it lowers GDP due to consumers not spending it.

The reason why economists care so much about GDP is because it’s an important indicator of where the economy is in a business cycle (boom or bust). When GDP constantly drops for a period of time, this is known as a recession. How exactly does saving money help shorten a recession?

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What is Tableau and Why Should I Learn it?

You may have seen it as data embedded in a website. Perhaps you’ve seen advertisements of it, but never really knew what it was. Tableau is business analytics software that is particularly good at data visualization. What’s even better is how easy it is to use, though there is a slight learning curve. If that wasn’t good enough, how about the fact that several companies want you to learn it if you’re going into analytics of almost any kind?

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