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Exclusive — Oregon Libertarians Can Learn a Lot from Larry Sharpe's Gubernatorial Run

The November 2018 election in Oregon has an interesting twist — 16 State Legislature seats have incumbents with the Democratic, Independent, and Republican nominations. Most of them are Democrats, but some are Republican. Out of these 16 seats, there are six House seats, and one Senate seat, with Libertarian candidates. Assuming the Green Party doesn’t have candidates in most of these districts, these Libertarians will get a taste of what the two-party system is like.

After seeing video after video and several headlines about Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate in New York, I decided to reach out to him and ask if he had some details from his campaign or a little message he’d like to include in this article. He graciously offered to do a phone interview. I was excited to take him up on his offer.

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My Predictions for April 2016 GOP Primaries

Like it or not, Donald Trump is most likely going to win the Republican Party’s nomination before there is a chance for a contested or brokered convention. April has 309 delegates to allocate, mostly winner-take-all or winner-take-most. How are things going to look? Here are my predictions for each state in April.

I will update with new predictions before each primary is held and publish them sometime before each primary.

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Oregon Should Offer Tax Breaks for New and Relocated Businesses

In Oregon, there’s a bill from the senate that would help small towns enjoy restored benefits and incentives that come with enterprise zones. Of course, the benefits and incentives are tax breaks. However, there are some really good things that come with having tax breaks for newly started and relocated businesses. Sadly, I’m not so sure that everybody understands why it’s such a good thing.

But let’s take this a little further than just the senate bill. Oregon should look into offering tax breaks like this to all new businesses that start up or relocate to the state. Heck, even New York is doing it!

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