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Why the Economy Has Improved Under President Trump

Before Donald Trump was elected president, there was a lot of negative media coverage with a lot of pundits predicting that he would wreck our economy. About a year and a half into his presidency, it appears to have been the exact opposite. But why? Does it really make sense for the economy to have been doing so well with these crazy policies, insane tweets, and political rollercoasters of emotion? The short answer is yes.

While I may have studied economics, I cannot say for sure what the reasons are for this economic boom under Trump, which has been beyond piggybacking off of Obama’s economy for some time. I will try to explain what’s going on as I understand it.

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Oregon Measure 97: The Harsh Reality

The State of Oregon is having a bit of wild dream when it comes to a state measure that was intended to raise taxes by 2.5 percent on big corporations. The ‘Yes on Measure 97’ campaign even has over 70 experts and academics to back up the measure. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? To be honest, I don’t think so. 

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Oregon Business Agenda: Taxes and Tax Reform

Oregon is in deep trouble right now. Between March, 1996 and February, 2015, the unemployment rate in Oregon has been higher than the federal rate. Its manufacturing jobs have all skipped town, the timber industry is nearly non-existent, and many are continuously fighting for higher business taxes so that they pay their “fair share.” The cause of this has been a mixture of state and federal legislation that just isn’t in the best interest of Oregon and its residents. I have an agenda that I believe would help put Oregon in the right direction: Progress and prosperity.

NOTE: This article is part of a series that outlines a common sense agenda for the benefit of all Oregonians.

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