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Why the Economy Has Improved Under President Trump

Before Donald Trump was elected president, there was a lot of negative media coverage with a lot of pundits predicting that he would wreck our economy. About a year and a half into his presidency, it appears to have been the exact opposite. But why? Does it really make sense for the economy to have been doing so well with these crazy policies, insane tweets, and political rollercoasters of emotion? The short answer is yes.

While I may have studied economics, I cannot say for sure what the reasons are for this economic boom under Trump, which has been beyond piggybacking off of Obama’s economy for some time. I will try to explain what’s going on as I understand it.

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Mac or PC: What's Better for Economics Students?

Many students who decide to major in economics ask one question that seems to be impossible to find the answer to: Is a Mac or PC better for economics? Being an economics major who has learned from personal experience, and much research, I have decided to actually answer this question so that other economics majors can start their college career right. If you’re currently an economics major, know an economics major, or if you’re contemplating majoring in economics, you should take some interest in this.

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