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Image: George Skidmore

School Choice Changes How Teachers Strike

Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington is delaying its first day of school due to the teacher’s strike. Many parents are frustrated with their tax dollars being spent on empty schools with picketing teachers. It’s even more frustrating that many of these parents don’t support the one thing that would change these strikes: School choice. Unions hate school choice because they know it would make strikes harder to organize.

They also hate it because teacher’s actually need to care more about the students than their unions. There’s no question that most great teachers care about their students. But the unions aren’t really thinking about the kids. Rather, their interests lie in getting the best pay and benefits for teachers. Why, then, do they act like they’re doing what’s best for kids?

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Price Comparison: America and Denmark

A lot of people love what Bernie Sanders is saying: Free healthcare, free college tuition, and a “living wage.” Many have said that, in reality, these are all the result of what’s called “Feel good economics.” I, too, personally believe that while it sounds nice, it’s difficult to do without dealing a lot of damage to the economy. With the way the American economy works, it’s nearly impossible to make healthcare and college tuition free as well as raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

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