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It’s Time to Privatize OHSU

We often fail to realize that “privatize” is not a dirty word.  In order to understand this, we must first understand what it means for a public university to privatize. Next, we must come to terms with the reality that private institutions are often highly esteemed compared to their public counterparts. Lastly, there needs to be a good reason for a public university to privatize if people are going to support such an action.

After diligent research, I believe that there is a very convincing case to privatize the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

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Republicans Are Competitive in a Liberal Oregon Town

When people think of Oregon, they often think about how liberal the state is. Of course, there are two “hot spots” for the far left: Portland and Eugene. But what many might not realize is that there are two state house seats in Eugene that are very competitive and just might have a shot at being taken by Republicans in 2018. One district has a rural advantage and the other one has an anomalous constituency with a decent mix of urban and rural residents. Here’s my take on the two districts and the Republican path to victory in each.

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Skills Every Economics Major Should Learn Before Graduating

Now that I’m in my final year of my undergraduate career, I’m finding a lot of things I wish I would have at least been told about early on. I often find job postings that require skills that I don’t even learn in college unless I take a class that isn’t in the economics department or take the time to learn it on my own. Personally, I believe that advisors should be more upfront about this and should also be more proactive in asking about a student’s career aspirations. Until this happens, here’s a list of skills (based on my experience) that economics majors should start working on immediately, even if they’re a freshman or senior.

Most, if not all, of these skills will make you more competitive in many fields. But they are absolutely essential for many jobs in finance, research, analytics, and data management.

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People Should Stop Criticizing Oregon's Athletic Department for Being "Expensive"

The University of Oregon’s athletic department has come under scrutiny by students and Duck fans that are upset with how expensive tuition is. Amongst left-leaning people, it’s not uncommon to hear about how expensive athletic departments are. Especially when the university consistently raises its tuition annually. It may not be the most frequently blamed factor, but it is common to at least hear complaints about football coach salaries. All of this led to myself wanting to look into the athletic department’s financials. The verdict? People should stop complaining about the athletic department.

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How Expensive Should College Be?

It’s no secret that the price of college tuition has dramatically increased far past what it should be. I don’t believe that college should be free, but it shouldn’t be as expensive as it is now. I understand that, being a millennial, I’m a little biased on this end. Nevertheless, college tuition has gotten out of hand and needs to be dealt with soon.

NOTE: I don’t take out-of-state/non-resident tuition into account. It’s no secret that it costs two or three times as much to get the same overrated piece of paper everyone else gets, so there isn’t much sympathy on that end.

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Why College Students Should Live Off Campus

There are a lot of arguments as to why people should live on campus. There are no utility bills to pay for, a meal plan, and you’re right there on campus so it takes a few minutes to get to class. At the University of Oregon (UO), the least expensive option that one has a chance of getting in to is over $11,000 per academic year. That’s over $1,200 per month and then there’s a fee to stay over winter break. There’s gotta be a better way to do this. You know what? There is!

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BYU-Idaho vs University of Oregon: Planning for Graduation

I’ve finished my academic plan at the University of Oregon (UO). It took me a little longer than my “grad plan” (yes, that’s what they call it) at BYU-Idaho, but there’s a lot more to consider. For anybody that’s contemplating transferring from BYU-Idaho to another school, say, the UO, this is definitely something that you’ll want to read. Other schools make you go through the same thing the UO had me do.

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The Value of a College Student's Time

During my time in college, I’ve seen posters about why it’s important to attend your classes. One reason that caught my attention was that we lose $X each class we don’t attend. I wondered to myself, “How did they get that number?” Of course, math is the answer, but what were the factors used to determine that? I decided to fiddle around with some simple math and see for myself. Let’s just say that a $15 minimum wage wouldn’t make it worth it for most students at the University of Oregon to have a job.

If you’re in college, then you’re going to have an interesting time with this once you see what your time is worth. It also makes a great conversation starter at family gatherings such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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