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Image: George Skidmore

School Choice Changes How Teachers Strike

Evergreen School District in Vancouver, Washington is delaying its first day of school due to the teacher’s strike. Many parents are frustrated with their tax dollars being spent on empty schools with picketing teachers. It’s even more frustrating that many of these parents don’t support the one thing that would change these strikes: School choice. Unions hate school choice because they know it would make strikes harder to organize.

They also hate it because teacher’s actually need to care more about the students than their unions. There’s no question that most great teachers care about their students. But the unions aren’t really thinking about the kids. Rather, their interests lie in getting the best pay and benefits for teachers. Why, then, do they act like they’re doing what’s best for kids?

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Portland's Real Estate Market: Is Domestic Migration Pushing Home Prices Up?

Portland, Oregon is known for craft beer, hipsters, great brunch spots, and overpriced homes. Over the past half century, Portland has seen homes go from less than $100,000 to over $300,000 on a small plot of land. Unless you’re from around the area, or unless you’ve understood that what happened in Portlandia is not an isolated event, you might not know that domestic migration from California played a role in this phenomenon.

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Why the University of Washington's Study on Seattle's Minimum Wage Increase is Not Flawed

Late last month, a team of economists at the University of Washington released their findings on the past couple minimum wage increases in Seattle. Unsurprisingly, this was covered by just about every news outlet. To my surprise, many are divided over what the Seattle economists found. Economists at UC Berkeley did their own study and had different findings. This led to a lot of people, including economists, calling the University of Washington’s study flawed. The only problem is that their study isn’t as flawed as critics claim.

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Fact Checking Occupy Democrats: Denmark

Something that I believe needs to happen is a fact check on these economic memes. It’s sad to me that there are many people who would actually lead the people in accordance with their own agenda instead of informing people of the truth. My findings will always be the truth, whether they agree with my views or not. I am always welcoming a fact check on my work as well (you won’t find this with those who care about the education of others).

First on the list of fact checking economic memes is Denmark. The meme suggests that Denmark is the world’s happiest nation because the minimum wage is $20 per hour, there are 33-hour work weeks, and there’s free college, healthcare, and childcare. Before saying, “Let’s copy them!” We need to understand a few things in comparison with the United States.

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Why An Oregon With a $15 Minimum Wage Isn't a Good Idea

It would seem that some people don’t really care about economics or anything when it matters most; of course, “it” meaning the minimum wage. In fact, people seem to really care about economics only when it agrees with them. Hence, we have liberal economists who twist the principles of economics without telling those who agree with them the flip side, the truth. This is why people who understand economics are frustrated with those who don’t and push for a minimum wage increase. Maybe it should be increased, but not up to $15.
People might say that Oregon isn’t thinking about a $15 minimum wage. I tell anybody who thinks this that they obviously don’t know about 15 Now PDX, or they don’t read this article by The Oregonian or that article by The Oregonian. Perhaps they’re very oblivious and don’t even know that Koin 6 News has an article about it. Obviously, there is an organization and three articles about it. Oregon has many people with plans to try to raise the minimum wage to $15. As a matter of fact, there’s a large possibility that a measure on the 2016 ballot for Oregonians to vote on it may show up.
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Higher State Income Tax vs Sales Tax: Do You Win With Sales Tax?

Many people in the past have told me that they refuse to live in Oregon just because of a state income tax as well as other taxes. They said they would much rather pay 9.5% (Seattle, WA) in sales taxes. I think it’s about time that these people got the rude awakening that they deserve by looking at this a little closer.
Just to clarify, this would only be an increase to a tax that already exists. Income tax is only taken out here and there throughout the year and you don’t have to worry about having enough for tax. However, when you have a sales tax it’s much more than just worrying about having enough money to cover the tax. You also deal with the lack of control that the people have over the increases and decreases in your sales tax. When I moved to a place nearby Seattle called Kent, the sales tax rate was about 6.5%. Now it’s up to 9.5%? Politicians lied to us, saying that it was only going to be a temporary increase.
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