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Libertarians Aren’t Liberal

If you’re a Libertarian for long enough, someone will either call you a “liberal” or imply that Libertarians are somehow leftist. Of course, the classic liberalism we all know and love isn’t what most conservatives mean when they try to call us liberals. Part of the issue is a lack of understanding. But why haven’t many Republicans figured it out yet? After all, if they were to listen to what we said, they’d agree with us more often than not.

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Does Income Inequality Really Exist?

Something that I’ve always wondered about is whether or not income inequality was real. I mean, it sure makes sense that it could exist. But the problem I have with it is that not everybody is going to have the same situation to start out with. On top of that, not every single business is going to be as successful as the billion dollar corporations. There has to be something going on or else people wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it, right? That may not be the case.

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The Truth About Big Business, Tax Breaks, and Stimulus Packages

We often hear that big corporations need to pay their employees more. Income inequality is the result of these kinds of businesses, at least according to some people. The truth is that big corporations really don’t cause income inequality. On top of that, big corporations don’t get to keep everything they make in sales.

There seems to be this false notion amongst minimum wage supporters that revenue means income. Revenue is simply a fancier word for sales. If anybody thinks of it as income, it should only be thought of as gross income.

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